Kawasaki Navigator 3600i

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Kawasaki Navigator 3600i

  • Technology
    • 4D Focus System- The tests showed that the racket with four-dimensional focusing system could be 40% more hit rate than the ordinary racket, and it can effectively help beginners to identify the racket sweet spot.
    • Nanotechnology- Adopt resin material in nano-level to allow the fine particles to penetrate into the gap of the carbon evenly and strengthen the intensity of the structure of carbon material to make the frame withstand greater pull.
    • Hot melt technology- Carbon yarn is made by hotmelt technology to make the resin more evenly distributed, the deformation of the carbon yarn is much smaller, which make the racket feel like oil
    • BOX Frame- Greatly improves the racket frame, and offer high torque support to the racket, greatly enhance the user's sense of controlling the racket


  • Colour: Blue
  • Racket material: 100% carbon fibre + HOTMELT TECH
  • Racket weight: 3U (86g +-2) (?)
  • Grip size: G2 (?)
  • Balance point: 293 +-3
  • Length: 675mm
  • Shaft stiffness: Soft
  • Recommended tension: 24lbs (?)
  • Suitable type: Primary player

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