Kawasaki Saber 2011R

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Kawasaki Lover 7521

  • Technology
    • Slim Frame- 10% Smaller than normal racket, shrinking the size of sweet spot, increasing the strength of the racket, lowering the air resistance and improving the agility of the racket.
    • Nickel technology- Unique function of shape memory, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high damping and high elasticity. Adopt nitinol weave technology to wrap the outer layer of the racket, greatly improve the hardness of the racket.
    • Skidproof System- Design salient point on the surface of the protheca of racket to increase the friction factor and help users to control the shuttercock near the net.
    • H-I-Modulus Graphite- 40T high modulus carbon fibre is a kind of high modulus carbon fibre the density which is twice of that of the ordinary carbon fibre to increase the controllability at 28% effectively
    • Nanotechnology- Adopt resin material in nano-level to allow the fine particles to penetrate into the gap of the carbon evenly and strengthen the intensity of the structure of carbon material to make the frame withstand greater pull.
    • Slim structure- Thinner than the ordinary frame by 20%.


  • Colour: Black/Gold
  • Racket material: 40T high modulus carbon fibre + Nickel-titanium woven technology 
  • Racket weight: 3U (89g +-1) (?)
  • Grip size: G2 (?)
  • Balance point: 295 +-2
  • Length: 675mm
  • Shaft stiffness: Hard
  • Recommended tension: 30lbs (?)
  • Suitable type: Advanced/All-round player

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